RB730 Roabook holder

RB730 - Electric Roadbook Holder





  • For roadbooks paper rolls until 46mm thick (max. 150mm wide)
  • Build in aluminium for low weight and high mechanical resistance.
  • High water and dust resistance even in severe conditions use.
  • Aluminium and highly transparent polycarbonate cover with a view area of 153x104mm.
  • Atractive design
  • Connects to motorcycle battery (protection fuse included)
  • Mounting kit for 12mm round bars (10mm option available)
  • Remote control with :
    • Forward and backward switch
    • Low footprint mounting kit for 22m tubular handlebars
    • IP67 connectors (water and dust protection)
  • Dimensions : 201x124x75 mm, excluding knobs.
  • Weight : 850 gr. (excluding remote and mounting kit)
  • Includes :
    • Electric roadbook holder
    • RB752 - remote control
    • RB724 - power kit
    • RB737 - Mounting kit
    • RB736 - Spare cover lock belt


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Roadbook holder (electric).
For those that, when riding, cannot take the hands off the handlebar...

225.00 € *

In stock

Lighting kit for RB730 electric roadbook holder.
To rich your destination ... even if the night catch you on the road ...
18.00 € *

In stock

Integrated remote for roadbook holder and tripmaster

220.00 € *

Stock currently UNAVAILABLE.

Billet aluminum clamps to mount navigation equipment (ex: roadbook holder, ICO)


125.00 € *

In stock

RMS Aluminum support bracket for navigation equipment

65.00 € *

In stock

Integrated mounting kit for Roadbook Holder and ICO remotes

83.00 € *
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RB730 - Parts

RB730 - Parts


View and order spare and replacement parts for your RB730 electric roadbook holder


RB730vA (before Nov. 2012) - Parts

RB730vA (before Nov. 2012) - Parts

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