RB701vB (before Sep, 2013) - Accessories and pa...

RB701vB (before Sep, 2013) - Accessories and parts

RB701vB (before Sep, 2013) - Accessories and parts


View and order options, spaire and replacement parts for your RB701 version B


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Lighting kit for RB701 roadbook holder.
To rich your destination ... even if the night catch you on the road ...

18.50 € *

In stock

Add-on for the standard support that provides RB701 and RB730 (version A - before Nov. 2012) with a more vertical mount (enduro like) and reduce vibration

16.00 € *

Stock currently UNAVAILABLE.

Standard kit to mount our roadbook holders on 12mm and 10mm crossbars

12.00 € *
Acrylic cover for RB701/B.
To replace the one that it's broken because you drop it down...
18.00 € *

In stock

Fast "Velcro like" Strap for RB701 cover fixing.
12.00 € / pair(s) *

In stock

Clumping high grip knob (one piece)

12.00 € *

In stock

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