Which roadbook holder model do you need?

Which roadbook holder model do you need?



F2R Roadbook Holders comparison chart
Model RB701 RB730 RB850 Rally
Current version C B A
Designed and recomended for on road on road
light / medium offroad

from onroad leisure to heavy duty offroad

Driving manual electrical electrical
Paper rolls capacity 45mm 46mm 55mm
Transmission direct single belts new highly efficient
Paper guides No Yes Yes
Remote switch n/a

12mm switch
IP67 plug

12mm heavy duty switch
IP67 plug (*)


Aluminium and Acrylic

Aluminium and Polycarbonate

Aluminium and Polycarbonate

Power connection n/a Superseal connectores
fuse protection
Connection box
fuse protection (*)
Supports CR001 Remote combo n/a Yes, directly Yes, directly
Lighting kit

opcional - RB702

opcional - RB722

Maximum paper wide 151mm 151mm 150mm
Dimensions (excluding knobs) 170x124x65mm 201x124x75mm 195x124x75mm
Weight (excluding mounting and remote kits) 500gr 850gr 780gr
View area 154x108mm 153 x 104 mm 158 x 107 mm

(*) Availale only on RB850-001 all accessories configuration