Product no.: RB750

Electrical roadbook holder for the most demanding riding

285.00 € *

Warning : Low stock

Product no.: RB730

Roadbook holder (electric).
For those that, when riding, cannot take the hands off the handlebar...

225.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: RB701-012

Roadbook holder (manual), mounting kit for 12mm crossbars.
Now you will not need to stop to turn the page of your road book!
Especially if it's raining ... ;-)

95.00 € *

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Product no.: ICO001

The highly reliable Odometer used by the rallies/raid professional and top factory teams. With light and powered by the bike battery.

325.00 € *

Warning : Low stock

Product no.: ICO002

The ICO Racing all-in-one product! GPS-based compass repeater and rally odometer.

425.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: CR001

Integrated remote for roadbook holder and tripmaster

220.00 € *

In stock

(Handlebar Diameter: 28mm (1-1/8"))

Billet aluminum clamps to mount navigation equipment (ex: roadbook holder, ICO)
NEW : Now anodized in black!

125.00 € *

Warning : Low stock

(Version: for 12mm switch (RB750/RB730/MD/TT))

Integrated mounting kit for Roadbook Holder and ICO remotes
83.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: PB001

Compact solution to easily supply power to all your navigation equipment!

98.00 € *

Stock currently UNAVAILABLE.

Product no.: RMS002

RMS Aluminum support bracket for navigation equipment

65.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: ICOService

For ICO Racing™ products which are no longer under warranty or which have been damaged in use, we offer a flat-rate repair program.


165.00 € *
Product no.: CR002

Integrated remote for roadbook holder and tripmaster. Right-hand / Throttle side / Backup unit.

220.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: AJP001

Full roadbook rally navigation set for AJP PR7

1,400.00 € *

In stock

New (Handlebar Diameter: 28mm (1-1/8"))

ORBIS universal roadbook mount, central mounting in any handlebar (22 or 28 mm)

95.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: RallyTripmeter

Odometer and CAP app for motorcycle Rally/Raid initiation

0.00 € *

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