How F2R RB holders handle reverse roadbooks ?

How F2R RB holders handle reverse roadbooks ?



Most of events that use roadbooks for navigation, use regular roadbooks.

This means that the roadbook start at the top and goes down until the bottom of the paper roll.

Regular roadbooks are mounted on the lower axel of the roadbook holder and the upper axle will pull it up until the end.

Rally Dakar, for example, use regular roadbooks.


However, some events like Touareg Rallye [EDITED: Touareg Rallye does not use reverse roadbook anymore] and Raid de l'Amiié, for example, use reverse roadbooks.

Reverse roadbooks start at the end and proceed until the top of the paper roll.

They are mounted on the upper axle of the roadbook holder and the lower axle will pull it down.


At the end of this page you can find examples of both types of roadbooks.


Reverse roadbooks create some problems to roadbook holders :

  1. Remote switchs are designed in a way that when you push the switch with the thumb, roadbook moves forward and top axle pulls the roadbook. With reverse roadbooks the result is the opposite.
  2. Our roadbook holders driving system is not symetric and assumes that the upper axle is the pulling axle. With reverse roadbooks this is not true and may have some impact in performance (the impact should be bigger with long roadbooks)


However, some modifications can be made to eliminate these constraints.

The following document describes those modifications : About Reverse Roadbooks

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Paris Dakar roadbook example


Raid de L'Amitié roadbook example