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F2R Dealer's requirements and conditions

  1. F2R dealers should or intent to have a professional activity related to roadbook navigation.
  2. F2R dealers should use and promote F2R products consistent with the F2R brand and F2R Media Kit.
  3. Dealers may promote and sell F2R product on their own branded stores, website or webstores branding. However, F2R branding should not be removed, hidden or changed from F2R products.
  4. Dealers must not price any F2R product below the standard price stated on F2R webstore (
  5. F2R does not grant any kind of geographical or market exclusivity.
  6. Regular dealers will be referenced in the Where to Buy webpage of our webstore (


F2R Dealer Application Form

(Please use Portuguese or English. For other languages we will use Google translators)